Highlighted Careers For Teens and Children

Appraisals and career tests help you discover who you are. Career books and websites give you an idea of ​​the world of work. Free professional information is available on websites. Some writers have written facts for children and teenagers. We would like to share some information with you. These websites use graphics, multimedia presentations, activities and other techniques to deepen our knowledge of careers. We have written information on seventeen (17) websites. There are four types of career exploration websites:

  • Study program
  • General Career Information
  • Scientific Career Groups
  • Specific scientific careers
  • Curriculum Web sites

The program websites provide activities, tests, guidelines, and professional information.

First resort: racing cruise

Source: Florida Department of Education

Career Cruiser is a career exploration guide for high school students. Career Cruiser has self-assessment activities to match personal interests with careers. The racing cruiser has information about the codes of Holland. The races are grouped into 16 race groups. Career Cruiser contains information on work descriptions, average income and the minimum education level required for the job.

The teacher’s guide is also available.

Resource 2: Basic Link for a Career

Source: Utah State Education Bureau

Core Career Connections is a collection of educational activities designed by teachers, counselors, and parents from Kindergarten to Grade 6 and Grades 7 to 8. Each level has educational activities that align directly with the state of Utah. This educational resource provides teachers, counselors, and parents with a framework for integrating professional awareness with elementary and high school students.

Professional information sites

Some websites provide excellent business information. Some websites list data on tasks, salaries, career prospects, interests, studies, etc.

Resource 3: Career Travel

Source: United States Department of Labor UU. And US Department of Education. UU.

The Career Travel Web site is a career exploration website for elementary school students. The Career Travel Web site contains information on the following industries:

Advanced manufacturing




Financial services



Information technology



Aeronautics and technologies “BioGeoNano”

Resource Four: Racing Ship

Source: New York State Department of Labor.

Career Ship is a free online career exploration tool for middle and high school students. Career Ship provides the following information for each race:



Career Perspective

The interests


The knowledge


Similar careers

Career Ship is a product of Mapping Your Future, a public service website that provides information and services for vocational training, college education, financial aid and financial education.

FIVE RESOURCE: Professional Zone

Source: New York State Department of Labor.

Career Zone is a career exploration and planning system. Career Zone has an evaluation activity that identifies Holland codes. Career Zone provides information on 900 careers in the new O * NET database, the latest labor market information provided by the New York State Labor Department and interactive career portfolios for college students and high schools connected to the initiative. career plan of the New York State Department of Education. Career Zone provides links to academic exploration and planning resources, 300 professional videos, a program creator, a reference list creator, and a cover letter application.

Resource Six: Destination 2020

Source: Canadian Career Consortium

Destination 2020 helps youth discover how day-to-day tasks can help them develop the skills they will need to cope with the many challenges of the workforce.

The skills are related to:

School subjects

Other school activities

Play activities at home

Work at home.

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